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17th February 2017: 14th February 2017: A historic day for transboundary Prespa

22 September 2016: The Juniper Forests captured the interest of the “students” of the two summer schools, implemented this summer in Prespa

13th September 2016: 100 wetlands and 7 countries in 1 afternoon – the 1st Pelican census covering all of SE Europe and Turkey

15 February 2016: Our life in a wetland! Primary school students from across the transboundary Prespa basin show us what the wetland looks like through their eyes

8 October 2015: Walk in the forests of Prespa with your phone aw a guide!

23 July 2015: United by pelicans

9 February 2015: "Karagiozis, the protector of Prespa!"

2 February 2015, World Wetlands Day: I'ts time for ratification of the Agreement on the transboundary Prespa Park

21 January 2015: Second Dalmatian pelican falls victim to illegal hunting in the Evros Delta

15 April 2014: The Society for the Protection of Prespa is the “Best of the Best” once again!

21 March 2014: The re-introduction of animal husbandry as a conservation measure for the Grecian juniper woods of Prespa

31 January 2014: Prespa Park: at the crossroads of sustainability

3 July 2013: The very first nationwide Pelican Census in Greece!

3 April 2013: Striving to enhance the natural values of the Prespa region, for biodiversity and people, through joint actions across borders

1 February 2013: Prespa Park 2000-2013: time to take new initiatives

10 December 2012: Manual for the protection of fish and fisheries in Prespa

9 October 2012: The thrilling journey of migration!

9 August 2012: Only Greece is now delaying implementation of the International Prespa Park Agreement

The cooperation of the countries of SE Europe is imperative for the protection of the pelicans

8 May 2012: Transboundary Prespa puts fish and fisheries centre stage

3 February 2012: The Society for the Protection of Prespa is celebrating World Wetlands Day with events in Thessaloniki and across the borders in Prespa

23 January 2012: Environmental organisations denounce out-of-control illegal hunting in the Prespa National Park

6 October 2011: With a seal of approval from the European Union, the International Agreement for the Prespa Park is now in the hands of the three states that share the Prespa basin

15 April 2011: Learn all you need to know about keeping the treasures of the lakes safe from harm

2 February 2011: Ratification of International Agreement for the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Prespa Park still pending one year after

21 May 2010: Prespes: An ecosystem that still resists

2 February 2010: The three countries and the European Commission commit to cooperate for the protection and the sustainable development of the Prespa Basin




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Prespa Trails Print E-mail

Explore the unknown side of Prespa through a network of 10 hiking and 3 cycling trails. Visit the most enchanting places, enjoy the singing of birds, look out for butterflies and rare plants, walk through abandoned settlements and Byzantine monuments.

Click on the trail you are interested in on the map or on the list below for more information.

Alternatively, you can install the trail navigation app onto your device by clicking the appropriate icon.

Psarades – Roti

5,2 km
2 h

Agios Georgios – Mount Devas

11,4 km
4-4,5 h

Agios Achillios

5,3 km
1,5-2 h

Laimos - Agios Ioannis Hill

5,2 km
1,5-2 h

Agios Germanos – Laimos

5,1 km
1,5-2 h

Architectural route

4,3 km
1 h

Lefkonas – Kale Ηill

8 km
2,5-3 h

The old pack-horse trail (Mikrolimni - Kranies)

10,4 km
3,5-4 h

Pyli - Daseri

12 km
3,5-4 h

Vrondero - Angathoto

9,4 km
3-3,5 h

Laimos - Mikrolimni - Laimos (cycling)

36,3 km
3-3,5 h

Lakeside forest (cycling)

9,8 km
1,5-2 h

Beech woods (cycling)

12,3 km
3 h


Walking trails are marked by piles with directional signs and complementary by blue and white ribbons and/or colouring of the same shades on rocks. At all starting points there are introductory interpretive panels that contain maps and general descriptions of the routes. Cycling trails are marked digitally.

The walking times given have been calculated for leisure walking of under 3km per hour and the difficulty level of each trail has been calculated on a 5-level scale, using the “IBP index” system of the Federation Francaise de Randonnee Pedestre.

Waymarking of Prespa Trails is an activity of the project "Enhancing the ecotourism identity of Prespa" financed by the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation (2016-2017).


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